Shift 2 Unleashed PS3

Shift 2: Unleashed career mode is called "entertaining and interactive".[11] Shift 2: Unleashed claims to redefine the racing simulator genre by delivering authentic and true-to-life dynamic crash physics, intricately detailed real-world cars, drivers and tracks.[12] During their careers, virtual racers partake in a variety of motorsports — like drifting, muscle car racing, retro car racing, Endurance races and circuit competition (i.e. FIA GT3 European Championship) — to hone their driving skills in hopes of becoming the FIA GT1 world champion.[11]
While many modern racing games (including Shift 2's predecessor) include an in-car camera view, Shift 2 includes a 'helmet-cam' in which players see the action through the eyes of their driver. The helmet cam moves with the head of the driver, being drawn from side to side as the car takes corners and jerking forward when the player crashes. As the car comes up to higher speeds, the edges of the screen will become blurred to simulate the tunnel-vision effect that drivers suffer when racing.[13] Shift 2's night racing also appears to be more advanced, with headlights dimming or turning off completely if damaged, further narrowing the player's view.[14]
The Autolog system is now ‘Need for Speed DNA’. The system appears in Shift 2: Unleashed in a more-or-less identical design to the original, but will include extra features that will not only provide track times for unique events, but also segregate data based on quick race tracks, race types and automotive disciplines. This essentially means that Autolog will be more than just a system that simply displays your friend’s times regardless of how, or when, they set them during their career

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