The Fight Lights Out PS3

The game is presented with predominantly black and white graphics and bright red blood.[5] In the game, the player takes control of a character in a one on one fight with another character. Players use the PlayStation Move to control player's attacks, such as punches, jabs and uppercuts by performing the same moves in real life using the controller. Currently there are twelve moves available to the player, but that is expected to increase in the final product.[5]
To begin playing the game, the player will first create a virtual character and allocate points to six different ability stats (Strength, speed, Stamina, chin, Heart, Technique). These stats determine how well the virtual character can fight. The actual 1:1 tracking motion is not affected by stats, but the higher the speed stat, for example, the faster the response. The amount of damage that the character can do per punch is also modified by stats.
Training the character in the game gym with exercise mini-games gives points to the player allowing them to upgrade the virtual character's ability stats, similar to rpg games. The developers have stated that throwing a punch with proper form aids in the gameplay.

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