GTA 4 : Episodes From Liberty City (2010)

When GTA 4 made its first appearance on the PC in December 2008 many players and reviewers were somewhat nonplussed, us included. Rockstar wanted you to be on Games for Windows Live, Steam and the Rockstar Social Club all at once, as well as demanding a serious chunk of hardware to play the game itself due to poor optimisation. It all seemed so unnecessarily flawed, and Rockstar essentially threw their diamond into the rough by their implementation.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City is not a sequel in either narrative or technology however – Rockstar has clearly learnt from past mistakes and streamlined the experience as a result.

So, if not a sequel, what is GTA: EFLC, apart from an unwieldy abbreviation if ever there was one? Well, in simple terms it’s a standalone game set in most of the world of GTA 4 with two stories to choose from and some new multiplayer modes.