Anno 1404 Dawn Of Discovery PC

ANNO 1404 - is coming to an end a brutal and grim era of the early Middle Ages. Otgremeli crusades, feudal lords obey the sovereign, and merchants, and travelers to look to the distant seas and unknown lands. There, among the sand and the Wealth of the East, you will be able to establish a rapidly growing city, paving the way trade and achieve a special position among the rulers of earthly! Open a new country and the archipelago, particularly buildings, select, use and impact of new technologies to increase its popularity in the courts of sultans and kings.

The game has kept all the best in the ANNO series, and much conventional razdvinula border strategy. Each city was unique, but local residents have yet to be persuaded of the benefits of mutual cooperation. Available as an incredibly intriguing singleplayer campaign as well as free play in the vast universe, all of which can be changed at will. Unsurpassed grandeur and scale make ANNO 1404 this gift to all fans of strategy in real time. This game will have on the soul as connoisseurs of the genre, as well as beginners merchants and pioneer!